Those who lose dreaming are lost.

Hello, I'm Aussie thru N thru. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi! Oi! Oi!
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My favorite games

Fallout 4, Rock band 4, Need for Speed......

My favorite music

Disturbed, Tech9n, Mumford and sons, Hunter's &  Collectors.......

My favorite movies

Anything StarWars.

My favorite books

I like anything by Brian Lumley.

You should message me if...

Your in the Phoenix area.

Vicky I wish to be a freind but i'm not always online here, kindly reach me here( for further introduction.

Thanks for the bday wishes, very thoughtful of u!

HauntedReverie Mumford and Sons is one of my faves! Have you heard of band of horses?… pretty bad ass if I do say so myself

Durgeres It's an Aboriginal sayin'.

Those that lose dreaming are lost, i couldn't agree more

Durgeres Hahaha 2 funny!!!