Below are recent notable changes to ZocialSnaps

Date Change
12/10/2017 Friends -> Following
The friends system has really been a following system for a long time, but remained named "Friends". Since most sites now use Following ZocialSnaps has finally been updated to as well. This makes the most sense to people who use Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, etc. Overall, it should be less confusing for new members.
12/08/2017 Hashtags + Search
Auto hashtag-linking has been enabled again. Clicking a hashtag searches for it in status updates. Try it: #snow
12/07/2017 New NSFW Setting
Not everyone wants to see nudity, suggestive nudity, undewear pics, etc and now you have some control over it. Adjust your Settings to enable or disable the NSFW filter. Note: This is currently limited to photos, videos, and posts in specific forums. By default, showing NSFW is DISABLED.
12/07/2017 New Site Name
The same site, just a new friendly name that won't scare people off thinking you're all druggies! It's clean enough that people shouldn't be resistant to tell others about it. Read more...
11/29/2017 New Analytics
This currently shows how many views your profile, uploads, etc have receiving during the last week. Status updates and photos (that show in the live feed) now receive "views" when seen in the live feed.
11/28/2017 Slot Machine Changes
You now receive 1,000 credits free each day you play! Plus, it's a little easier to win.
11/28/2017 Live Feed Re-Worked
The live feed has been re-designed internally and visually. It's mostly the same visually though. Some stuff currently isn't posted to it but that will change as time goes by.
11/27/2017 New Light Theme
You can now toggle between light/dark theme! This can be found at the bottom of every page as well as in Settings. This currently can only be toggled while logged in. Toggle Theme
11/23/2017 Friends Photos
Now when viewing the new photos page you see photos that are public, members only, and ones that are restricted to friends (if the member added you to their friends list). There's also a new friends filter to show you photos just from people you've added to your friends list.
11/23/2017 Levels Is Back
Levels now show on profiles. Accumulating level points is based on what you do here.
11/23/2017 Buy/Sell Approval
You can now post private albums and other listings on Buy/Sell that require your approval!
11/23/2017 Give Bling Bucks
You can now give other members Bling Bucks! Go to the members profile, then tap on "Bling Him" or "Bling Her".
11/22/2017 Album Thumbnail
You can now pick the photo to be used as your album cover. Members without access to the album will be shown a very blurred version of it to make them wonder what they're missing. View the photo, then under the Manage menu click Make Album Thumbnail. It'll take a second or two to complete.
11/22/2017 Models Directory
There is now a models directory. Could take a while before models start adding themselves. This is geared towards alternative and adult models.
11/21/2017 More Stats!
There are some stats now on the stats page and some addition stats for Owned on the Owned stats page.
11/19/2017 Connect w/ Twitter
You can now connect your ZocialSnaps account with your Twitter account. The only things it will be used for are allowing you to login using the Twitter button and posting tweets automatically, but only for things you opt-in to (aside from a tweet when you first connect your account). Doing this both helps the site gain more visibility (we get more new people) and also any automatic tweets you enable includes your referral code so you get credit when people join.
11/17/2017 Add Twitch To Profile
If you're a Twitch streamer you can now embed your Twitch stream on your profile! Just edit your profile to add your Twitch username, that's all there is to it.
11/17/2017 Quick Tweet - Help Get New Members
There are new quick Tweets you can send which contain your referral code. Just click to Tweet and hit send. Help us get new members by quick tweeting! Quick tweets.
11/17/2017 Interest Search
You can now find people with similar interests, such as 'Netflix' or 'traveling'! This can be done from the advanced search.
11/16/2017 Increased Video Upload Size
You can now upload videos up to 1GB in filesize. Video processing now takes place in the background after uploading.
11/13/2017 Cash For New Members
You can now earn cash for referring new members. Refer members.
11/12/2017 Default Preferred Gender
In Settings, you can now set a preferred gender. When set to Girls or Guys, default pages where lists can be filtered by gender will default to this instead of showing everyone.
11/11/2017 Album Keys Now Work
You can now give your album key to other members and they will be able to use it to access albums that they didn't already have access to. You'll be notified any time your album is used.
11/10/2017 Bling Market Is Now Buy/Sell
Bling Market has been renamed Buy/Sell and now supports selling for Super Bling Bucks, which you can exchange for cash! You earn real money.
11/10/2017 New Site Currency
There is now an additional site currency, Super Bling Bucks, which you can exchange for cash! Cash is deposited into your PayPal account. This new currency is used in Buy/Sell for members who would like to earn real money.
11/9/2017 Improved Profile View Notifications
You now get a notification when a member tries to view your profile but is unable to when your profile privacy is set to friends only. The member is not added to the list of profile viewers, but at least you know they wanted to view you!
11/8/2017 Bling Market Videos
You can now sell viewing access to your private video albums through the Bling Market. When creating a new listing just select the album from the album list.
11/8/2017 Moving Photos/Videos
You can now move photos and videos to a different album by editing the photo or video and selecting the album from the list. Currently, this moves one at a time.
11/7/2017 VIP Albums
You can now set a photo or video album to allow VIPs to view the contents regardless of the album permission. This can be set by editing the album and turning on the VIP option.
11/7/2017 Your Location Changes
Your location and people near you has gone through some changes. Rather than using your location as provided by your web browser, you now specify your zip/postal code when editing your profile. This gives you complete control over your location.
11/7/2017 Find Members By Zip/Postal Code
When viewing the members list, tap the button. This will take you to an advanced search where you can filter members by age range, gender, zip/postal code, and even set it to show only members who are single.
11/6/2017 New Push Notifications
You can now receive notifications via the Telegram Android/iOS/desktop application! Telegram is hugely popular and is similar to Kik. Tap here for details
11/6/2017 New Notification Settings
You now have greater control over which notifications you receive and how you receive them. View Notification Settings to adjust your notifications.
11/5/2017 More VIP Settings
The hiding yourself from visitor lists have been broken out into more settings. Hiding from viewing pictures also had applied to videos, blog entries, and status updates. These are now their own setting. View VIP Settings to adjust your settings.